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Utopia is no more


Tras una gran primera temporada y una decepcionante segunda temporada (y eso que soy muy fan de Ian McDiarmid, Channel 4 confirma la cancelación de la serie. Habrá que ver que dicen la HBO y David Fincher al respecto. Me alegro que hayan decidido la que en principio parecía una innecesaria adaptación. :_

We’re sorry to confirm that there won’t be a third series of ‪#‎utopia‬.

A huge thank you to the fans of the show: we’ve loved how much you loved it.

We are so sad to say goodbye, but we’ll always have that spoon.

And UK viewers, you can watch again from the beginning here:


Fuente: Channel 4’s Facebook Profile

Where is Jeesica Hyde? 


Sopranos Sequel?


A Sopranos Prequel is Just What HBO Needs

You’re watching the credits roll on the final episode of Boardwalk Empire. A treasured chapter of your life is fading away as you reflect on the Autumn months spent with Nucky and the Gang. You haven’t felt this kind of loss since.. well.. it must have been The Sopranos in 2007. But wait.. there’s…