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Escorbuto – The Bounty Hunter

Escorbuto – Bounty Hunter

escorbuto portrait
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Cita: Dangerous jobs are my specialty. I’m in. 

Background: Escorbuto was a slave hardened under severe conditions. He was aquired by a Mandalorian Clan due his endurance and he learned with them all that must to be know about weapons, armor, merc work and mandalorian honor. The Clan was employed by the Sith Empire to reinforce the Mandalorian Blockade and to hunt smugglers. In a fatidic mission, the Clan was wipped out while chasing the skilled smuggler Sfroch

After that, Escorbuto took what he could and fled to Hutt Space, where he started to build his path as bodyguard, thug and later with already some reputation, bonty hunter. Escorbuto respects the Mandalorians, but he is too much an independent entity.  He thinks profesionality is the only way  to climb in his job, and fulfilling the contract no matter the counter offers that may arise. Despite enjoying the challenges and violence of his job, he is not a loose trigger. He only kills when the contract demmands it; compasion and rage are not part of his personality….

Character References: I didn’t need much to build Escorbuto. He is a version of Boba Fett, mysterious, silent, profesional. For his name, it means Scurvy translated from Spanish, my mother tongue. That cames from the video game Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, where in a cemetery we find a tombstone to one Fester Leach where it can be read the great pharse: «Kiss me. I got scurvy.» Well, that’s it. A tribute. escorbuto badge escorbuto body

Statistics: Class: Bounty Hunter

Advanced Class: Powertech

Specialty: Pyrotech (damage)

Vehicles:  D-5 Mantis

Companions: Mako

Gault Rennow

Torian Cadera



Zimnik – The Imperial Agent

Zimnik –  Imperial Agent

zimnik portrait
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Zimnik was born and raised in the remote Chiss Space, and like a good patriot she soon started her studies and formation to serve in the eficient and very unkwown security and spionage of the Chiss Ascendency.

But Zimnik looked beyond the Chiss homeworld, she admired the eficiency of the Empire, it’s impressive organization, talent, power and ther order that it establishes over it’s worlds. The alliance between the Chiss Ascendency with the Empire and her own merits allowed her to enter into the service of Imperial Intelligence, despite the mistrust of her own comrades and other imperial subordinates. Zimnik took a great number of undercover missions, most of them succesfully thanks to her cold intelligence, speed and reaction skills. However, her job has removed almost all empathy in her person, a necessary evil for her duties. To her, the world is the Empire, but she thinks it’s being dragged by the Sith, who she considers to be ineficient and dangerous fanatics that drive the Empire to caotic and unnecesary dangers and crisis. Because of this, Zimnik cannot help to show her contempt towards the Sith ranks, which puts both her career and the Agency in the frightening scope of the Dark Council….

Character References: 

As I told about the Nezi Legacy, Zimnik comes back from 1994/5, when I drew an unifinished sci-fy comic and used that name for a character which I identified with. Since then it has been used to name other avatars in several video games, like X-Wing, etc. Zimnik  as the Chiss woman was created for a mod that never came to light for KotOR, which tried to bring to light some cut content (planet Slheyron). there Zimnik was the leader of a Smuggler Ring at a galactic escale. The incarnation of the Imperial Agent Zimnik  is an exact copy as I envisioned her back in 2008/9.

Daggera – The Sith Warrior

Daggera – Sith Warrior

daggera portrait
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Quote: There won’t be a heart left beating.


Daggera was born and raised without parents in the slums of a remote colony at the Outer Rim where she learned to run and to defend herself in the hostile enviroment at a young age. However the local gang leaders law made hem victim of severe abuses that caused in her a terrible effect, forcing her to kill in order to survive. 

That changed things. When Daggera discovered her power in the Force she used it hard, painting the slums in blood and turning into a urban beast for years, until she was unevitably discovered by imperail agents  and taken to Korriban to become Sith. Little did they know they were training a psychopath excesively aggresive and lacking any kind of feeling, other than the hatred she learnt to develope during her infancy which the Sith taught her to dominate and use. 

Daggera is a walking weapon that doesn’t go unnoticed for the oportunistic Sith. Because of that, Inquisitor Zeldorr «adopted» her to teach the subtleties of assasination, Sith consipiration, to control her rage and use her intelligence, and, above all that, to not let anyone to use her besides Zeldorr himself…. 

Character References: 

For the Sith Warrior I wanted to created an acrobatic, exotic and dangerous Twi’lek much as Darth Talon from the Legacy comic book series. But I didn’t wanted her to be the usual Sith, the idea of a psycopathic Sith looked to me very interesting. She follows the Sith because is the only way for her to feed her urge to kill, she is not attached to the ideology.  For the name, I first wanted her to be called Roja (Red from Spanish, my mother language), because of her skin colour, as she was supossed to be known from her entire life; not as a person. Regretably, the name was already in use in the game 🙁 So I came with a weapon name, Dagger, that is her best definition. No dice, so it came the variant Daggera.  Thanks to Massive Online Games.

Zeldorr – The Sith Inquisitor

Zeldorr – Sith Inquisitor

zeldorr portrait
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Quote: I am the future of the Sith Order, and I intend to reshape it in my image. The Empire and the Sith belong to me.


Zeldorr, born as Pure Blood Sith from a noble Sith family powerfull in the Force, was enslaved by the Empire being very young due the suspects of treason over his father, who was executed among the rest of the family. 

zeldor portrait helmet
Zeldorr wearing the family mask

However, Zeldorr inherited his parents cunning and intellegence, which besides his reserved nature and noble education made him different from the rest of the slaves. He was selected to increase the Sith forces at the verge of the war due his evident potential in the Force among other slaves. He learnt the Sith Code and it’s combat discipline and philosophy, but Zeldorr didn’t care about religions and  homeland; what he desires is power and to conquer the ranks of the Empire to lead it as he visions it. He doesn’t believe things are white and black, but there are shades and tints and the Sith Empire must drive away from total Dark Side fanatism and to transform in something more versatile. He sees Revan as a vissionary but he lacked the crave for power he posses which he thinks will make him invincible. 

His nature is maquiavelic and practical, he doesn’t kill for the joy of it but he does not posses love for anyone but himself. To him everything is a tool and everybody else is a pawn, nobody is friend or foe per se, and that includes his secret «adoption» of Daggera. His charisma, influence and more importantly, his inheritance are his biggest allies…. 

Character References: 

The inspiration for Zeldorr comes unevitably from Emperor Palpatine himself, a calmly dangerous and scary presence. I discovered by myself later after the character was built with his own personality that his vission and goals are somewhat similar to those of Revan, no Dark o Light attachments for the most part, but he is too selfish to become a people leader, he is most of a tyrant. Not precisely an evil tyrant, but a tyrant nevertheless. For his name, that’s the name I always used for my computer ages ago. Well, I had to add an extra r at the end because, you know, massive online games.

zeldorr body