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The Nezi People

May I present you the Nezi Legacy:

Jedi Shadow Wandasprapras
Sith Sorcerer Zeldorr
Imperial Operative Zimnik
Scoundrel Sfroch
Vanguard Trooper Taisden
PowerTech Bounty Hunter Escorbuto
Sith Marauder Daggera
Jedi Guardian Libet

All of them can be found at The Red Eclipse.

More about the Nezi Legacy at (WIP)

Daggera – The Sith Warrior

Daggera – Sith Warrior

daggera portrait
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Quote: There won’t be a heart left beating.


Daggera was born and raised without parents in the slums of a remote colony at the Outer Rim where she learned to run and to defend herself in the hostile enviroment at a young age. However the local gang leaders law made hem victim of severe abuses that caused in her a terrible effect, forcing her to kill in order to survive. 

That changed things. When Daggera discovered her power in the Force she used it hard, painting the slums in blood and turning into a urban beast for years, until she was unevitably discovered by imperail agents  and taken to Korriban to become Sith. Little did they know they were training a psychopath excesively aggresive and lacking any kind of feeling, other than the hatred she learnt to develope during her infancy which the Sith taught her to dominate and use. 

Daggera is a walking weapon that doesn’t go unnoticed for the oportunistic Sith. Because of that, Inquisitor Zeldorr «adopted» her to teach the subtleties of assasination, Sith consipiration, to control her rage and use her intelligence, and, above all that, to not let anyone to use her besides Zeldorr himself…. 

Character References: 

For the Sith Warrior I wanted to created an acrobatic, exotic and dangerous Twi’lek much as Darth Talon from the Legacy comic book series. But I didn’t wanted her to be the usual Sith, the idea of a psycopathic Sith looked to me very interesting. She follows the Sith because is the only way for her to feed her urge to kill, she is not attached to the ideology.  For the name, I first wanted her to be called Roja (Red from Spanish, my mother language), because of her skin colour, as she was supossed to be known from her entire life; not as a person. Regretably, the name was already in use in the game 🙁 So I came with a weapon name, Dagger, that is her best definition. No dice, so it came the variant Daggera.  Thanks to Massive Online Games.

Zeldorr – The Sith Inquisitor

Zeldorr – Sith Inquisitor

zeldorr portrait
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Quote: I am the future of the Sith Order, and I intend to reshape it in my image. The Empire and the Sith belong to me.


Zeldorr, born as Pure Blood Sith from a noble Sith family powerfull in the Force, was enslaved by the Empire being very young due the suspects of treason over his father, who was executed among the rest of the family. 

zeldor portrait helmet
Zeldorr wearing the family mask

However, Zeldorr inherited his parents cunning and intellegence, which besides his reserved nature and noble education made him different from the rest of the slaves. He was selected to increase the Sith forces at the verge of the war due his evident potential in the Force among other slaves. He learnt the Sith Code and it’s combat discipline and philosophy, but Zeldorr didn’t care about religions and  homeland; what he desires is power and to conquer the ranks of the Empire to lead it as he visions it. He doesn’t believe things are white and black, but there are shades and tints and the Sith Empire must drive away from total Dark Side fanatism and to transform in something more versatile. He sees Revan as a vissionary but he lacked the crave for power he posses which he thinks will make him invincible. 

His nature is maquiavelic and practical, he doesn’t kill for the joy of it but he does not posses love for anyone but himself. To him everything is a tool and everybody else is a pawn, nobody is friend or foe per se, and that includes his secret «adoption» of Daggera. His charisma, influence and more importantly, his inheritance are his biggest allies…. 

Character References: 

The inspiration for Zeldorr comes unevitably from Emperor Palpatine himself, a calmly dangerous and scary presence. I discovered by myself later after the character was built with his own personality that his vission and goals are somewhat similar to those of Revan, no Dark o Light attachments for the most part, but he is too selfish to become a people leader, he is most of a tyrant. Not precisely an evil tyrant, but a tyrant nevertheless. For his name, that’s the name I always used for my computer ages ago. Well, I had to add an extra r at the end because, you know, massive online games.

zeldorr body

The Nezi Legacy

Nezi Legacy Tree

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The Nezi Legacy is the group of characters I created for  SWTOR, a total of eight, one for each class the game offers, related between them following a tree structure. This way, the progress  of each character during the different story lines and other features allow them to be shared globally.


The Nezi Legacy comes from a name I invented for a fan fic I drew back in 1995, in which I created a character named Zimnik Nezi. I don’t know, it sounded cool to me in that moment. From that moment the name was re used in different stuff, including a mod from 2009, were Zimnik became to be from a regular guy to the exotic blue skinned and intense red eyes Chiss.

Anyway, when I started SWTOR without much pretensions, I decided to blow up some dust from the past.


After building my own Legacy, I decided not to follow a classic familiar line, but a more afiliation or friendship/antagonism related pattern, and fewer family relationship. Mainly because I wanted each character to be from a different species, and we are not going hard into the interracial stuff, just the necessary.

To play how I think a role play game must be played, I created the bases and a past for each character in my mind. Call me crazy, but if I don’t know the past and the behaviour of my characters, I can’t put myself into their skins neither what kind of decissions should they take when the time comes in the game. That’s what I have depicted in each character entry and it makes the game richer. Yeah, it’s very online and very multiplayer, but a role play game is a role play game no matter if it’s in your computer, console, your living room or in the bedroom.

You can find all the Nezi Legacy characters in The Red Eclipse server if interested.

Sfroch – The Smuggler

Sfroch – Smuggler

sfroch portrait
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Cita: It’s hard to be humble, knowing how great I am. 

Sfroch was born as an orphan in some shipyards were he learnt what must be known about space ships.  After a pirate raid the shipyards were destroyed and young Sfroch was taken on board the pirate crusier, destined to be sold as slave merchandise. But thanks to his knowledge and skills, he was put to work in the ship and, after being forced to be part of the crew, he began to meet the characters and locations of the underworld in several sectors of the Galaxy. He ultimately joined a mutiny of which he took advantage to slip off and to start his career as smuggler after stealing one of the no identified freighters the pirates were using to sail undetected.

He then started to build his reputation, find a crew to work with, being a higly useful element for desperated populations, greedy Hutts, imperial conspirators, rebel colonies… Any money was good money, and it came and went with haste. Sfroch enjoyed the life of action, quick money and lovely women en every system.

After many smuggling runs andtaking advantage of the situation after the Truce between the Republic and the Empire, his space ship was detected in Imperial Space where an oportunistic Mandalorian Clan chased him. Sfroch managed to get rid of the mercs, but at the cost of his ship being nearly destroyed, losing the whole crew and his right eye. Being used to win and lose fortunes quicky, he did not break down and continued his work solo, this time his territory of action being limited to Republic and Hutt sectors.

But little does Sfroch knows that in one of his romantic runs between systems, a Mirialan child was born….

Character References: 

Sfroch is probably the character whom I better identify myself with, a more scummy version of Han Solo, a smuggler on my own way. He could be what Solo was before the events of the saga. He is also the origen of the Nezi Legacy, the first character deployed and the first one to step the new worlds in the game. As for the name, it’s a tribute to the main character of one of the tales of the absurd I’m elaborating, The True Story of the Bivalve Mouflon. All said, I didn’t take the game very seriously at the first time, so I didn’t work hard in naming him.  😛


Wandasprapras – The Jedi Consular

Wandasprapras – Jedi Consular

wandas portrait
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Wandasprapras comes from a noble family, fruit of the union between his Human father and his Miraluka mother from whom inherited the caracteristic blindness and Force sensitivity. He grew along his older brother Taisden and learnt  from his parents the subtlety of politics. However his aptitude in the Force made his career for the Senate turn over the Jedi Order, where he showed an unusual skill in the manipulation of the Force. Due his innate blindness he prefers the double saber as his weapon of choice to reach in space what his sight cannot.

His thinking makes him an atipic Jedi, this is because he believes in achieving peace not only as a Jedi defender but also as a politician. Negotiation is his specialty, his education in politics made him a consequent leader combined with the benevolent Jedi training to defend the Republic and the weak. Wandasprapras knows that things are not white and black, and that important pacts requires of several shades, compromise, sacrifices; alliances are necesarries and that helps him to have allies in both sides of the conflict, inside and outside. To him, in some cases, the end justifies the means, and that puts the Jedi Order values in a predicament….

Character References: 

Somehow it was clear to me, I need a different character. Everybody else had a normal or thin body. I needed somebody bigger, and that character should correspond to the Inquisitor or the Consular. I finally choose for the Consular and pick him as a Miraluka to turn him into a tribute to one of the characters of the classic Marvel Star Wars comic book series, Ansible Beelyard. In the case of the name, is another tribute this time to a character of my still unfinished series of tales of the absurd, The True Story of the Bivalve Mouflon, in which  Wandasprapras is a wise fulvous vulture. Yup, both tributes to maxium freakness. ^^

Libet – The Jedi Knight

Libet – Jedi Knight

libet portrait
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Quote: Facing danger is what I do best.


Libet is the result of a quick relationship between the smuggler Sfroch and an exotic Miralan dancer. Her mother raised her with double pride to compensate the patern figure lack, so Libet grow defending her mother in the hard systems of the Outer Rim. When her power in the Force became more than evident, her mother decided they were to close to join the Jedi. That decission proved to be a terrible mistake.

Being recognized as a Force sensitive, the criminal enviroment in which they always irremedebly ended got to send that information to the Sith agents, who tried to catch youn Libet. Her mother died in the clash, but Libet managed to escape thanks to her neighbours intervention, being later turned to the Jedi Order for her protection.

The Jedi became her new family, and she grew up developing a surprising skill, an acrobatic grace inherited from her mother, and the quick wits and refelexes from his father. All these turned in a high efectiveness in the Jedi martial arts, advancing further ahead than her learning parterns. But the lack of early studies played against her, she developed a growing pride of herself, some fanatism tied to the Jedi morals, her adoptive family, tied to an evident disrepect for the Senate of the Republic that the Order defends, which makes her being seen with certain concern by her Masters….

Character References: 

Libet has proved to be one of the most difficult to roleplay for me. She has a complex personality because she is a fantatical of the Jedi values but also she feels away from the Order due her excesive pride in herself. Nevertheless, those values that are negative ones don’t make her an unpleasant character, at the contrary, she is a different kind of Jedi with her own inner demons but an iron will and vission. About her name, it’s a tribute of my younger nephew calling her aunt, whose name correctly pronounced is Lizbeth. I couldn’t help not to use such a sweet reference. Is there any problem with that? Huh?

Estadísticas de Libet, clase, nave ,títulos, fotos, etc.

Taisden – The Republic Trooper

Taisden – Republic Trooper

taisden portrait
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Taisden, older brother of Wandasprapras, was born as human and followed the steps of his uncle, a local system Colonel, to get a promising militar career defending his planet. However, after an invasion nin his sector he decided that defending his home wasn’t enough so he decided to join the Republic Army, in which he strongly beliveves.

His nature may be naive, and he truly believes in homeland and duty values. That left himself open to manipulations to be sent into combat as cannon fodder. But he resulted to be smarter than he looked and acchieved unprecedent successes. Thanks to his intelligence and to his noble education he learnt to know his enemies and enviroment surprisingly fast. That allowed him to advance among the competitive ranks of the Republic Army, puting himself in a short list of candidates for the elite squadrons….

Character References: 

I feel lazy when it comes to play Taisden, mainly because I’m an idiot and I don’t like his personality very much the way I built it. But that is roleplaying, right? You have to play it, you like him or not. But afterwards I alway enjoy playing him a lot, his story line is quite good and he is one of the characters I progress faster in the game. About the name, it’s a direct reference to one of the engineers that appears in the Black Fleet Crisis book trilogy, written by Michael P. Kube-McDowell. It’s a very very minor character, but I always liked the name and that trilogy.

Estadísticas de Taisden, clase, nave ,títulos, fotos, etc.