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The Nezi People

May I present you the Nezi Legacy:

Jedi Shadow Wandasprapras
Sith Sorcerer Zeldorr
Imperial Operative Zimnik
Scoundrel Sfroch
Vanguard Trooper Taisden
PowerTech Bounty Hunter Escorbuto
Sith Marauder Daggera
Jedi Guardian Libet

All of them can be found at The Red Eclipse.

More about the Nezi Legacy at (WIP)

The Nezi Legacy

Nezi Legacy Tree

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The Nezi Legacy is the group of characters I created for  SWTOR, a total of eight, one for each class the game offers, related between them following a tree structure. This way, the progress  of each character during the different story lines and other features allow them to be shared globally.


The Nezi Legacy comes from a name I invented for a fan fic I drew back in 1995, in which I created a character named Zimnik Nezi. I don’t know, it sounded cool to me in that moment. From that moment the name was re used in different stuff, including a mod from 2009, were Zimnik became to be from a regular guy to the exotic blue skinned and intense red eyes Chiss.

Anyway, when I started SWTOR without much pretensions, I decided to blow up some dust from the past.


After building my own Legacy, I decided not to follow a classic familiar line, but a more afiliation or friendship/antagonism related pattern, and fewer family relationship. Mainly because I wanted each character to be from a different species, and we are not going hard into the interracial stuff, just the necessary.

To play how I think a role play game must be played, I created the bases and a past for each character in my mind. Call me crazy, but if I don’t know the past and the behaviour of my characters, I can’t put myself into their skins neither what kind of decissions should they take when the time comes in the game. That’s what I have depicted in each character entry and it makes the game richer. Yeah, it’s very online and very multiplayer, but a role play game is a role play game no matter if it’s in your computer, console, your living room or in the bedroom.

You can find all the Nezi Legacy characters in The Red Eclipse server if interested.

Wandasprapras – The Jedi Consular

Wandasprapras – Jedi Consular

wandas portrait
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Wandasprapras comes from a noble family, fruit of the union between his Human father and his Miraluka mother from whom inherited the caracteristic blindness and Force sensitivity. He grew along his older brother Taisden and learnt  from his parents the subtlety of politics. However his aptitude in the Force made his career for the Senate turn over the Jedi Order, where he showed an unusual skill in the manipulation of the Force. Due his innate blindness he prefers the double saber as his weapon of choice to reach in space what his sight cannot.

His thinking makes him an atipic Jedi, this is because he believes in achieving peace not only as a Jedi defender but also as a politician. Negotiation is his specialty, his education in politics made him a consequent leader combined with the benevolent Jedi training to defend the Republic and the weak. Wandasprapras knows that things are not white and black, and that important pacts requires of several shades, compromise, sacrifices; alliances are necesarries and that helps him to have allies in both sides of the conflict, inside and outside. To him, in some cases, the end justifies the means, and that puts the Jedi Order values in a predicament….

Character References: 

Somehow it was clear to me, I need a different character. Everybody else had a normal or thin body. I needed somebody bigger, and that character should correspond to the Inquisitor or the Consular. I finally choose for the Consular and pick him as a Miraluka to turn him into a tribute to one of the characters of the classic Marvel Star Wars comic book series, Ansible Beelyard. In the case of the name, is another tribute this time to a character of my still unfinished series of tales of the absurd, The True Story of the Bivalve Mouflon, in which  Wandasprapras is a wise fulvous vulture. Yup, both tributes to maxium freakness. ^^