Privacidad y tal

From this site, which is purely dedicated to entertain and quite personal from my part, I declare to not have any interest to gather any personal or private information from visitors. Neither I’m interested on that, but as Analytics metrics, Social Network buttons and WordPress shit is being used, some cookies are generated and the EU wants to warn everybody of that. Hence the beautiful text at the side of this very site.
If you want to know more about the subject, here goes the info directly from the UE website:

Anyway, here is the thing:

Cookies are small little files stored in the computer of the imprudent visitor that register information about his/her navigation at JUANSAMAN.ES. For example, visited pages, date and time of visit, etc.

Two kind of cookies are used by browsing this website: session and third party persistent cookies. This is because Google Analytics is used from the evil HQ of JUANSAMAN.ES to check the traffic from the imprudent visitor.

Anyway, here is the thing:

Session coockies are designed to find and store data while the imprudent visitor goes to JUANSAMAN.ES. It’s only used to to store info that’s only interesting to keep for the service requested by the imprudent visitor in only one ocassion.

Persisten cookies are a kind of cookies that store the data in the device from which the website is accessed. This files can be accessed and use for a defined time (defined by the person responsible for the cookie) which can go from some minutes to several years. YAY!

BUT WHAT THE FUCK ARE THIRD PARTY COOKIES?!!!: Those administered by the analysis and advertising providers non related to JUANSAMAN.ES.


You’re not being spyied, of course, just your navigation behaviour is analyzed anonimously. If you refuse, the…. You have the following options depending on your browsers (find that the instructions are the most accurate they can be as my browsers are not in english):

Google Chrome:

Go to “Tools”, and the to “Configuration”.
Click in“Show advanced options”.
At “Privacy”, click at “Content Configuration”.
At the pop up, find “Cookies” and select “Block site data and third party cookies”.

Mozilla Firefox:

Go to “Tools”, then “Options”.
Click in “Privacy” icon.
Select the desired option at “History” menu and click in “Use a custom configuration for the History” (Uncheck all checkboxes).

Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Select “Tools” menu, then “Internet Options”.
Click in “Privacy” tab.
Select the Configuration for Internet Zone (take the scroll bar to block all cookies).


Select “Edition”, then “Preferences”.
Click in “Privacy” tab.
Select “Block cookies” and “Always”.

Netscape 7.0 (really?):

“Edition” mendu, then ”Preferences”
Privacy and Seciruty:
Cookies Section (select “deactivate cookies”).

Opera 19:

Select “Configuration”
Privacy and Security.
Cookies Section (select Block third party cookies and site data).

The imprudent visitor can revoke his consent for the use of cookies in his/her browser through what I said above or through the instalation of a refuse system (“opt-out”) in the browsers. Such as:

Opt-out for Google Analytics: