Daggera – The Sith Warrior

Daggera – Sith Warrior

daggera portrait
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Quote: There won’t be a heart left beating.


Daggera was born and raised without parents in the slums of a remote colony at the Outer Rim where she learned to run and to defend herself in the hostile enviroment at a young age. However the local gang leaders law made hem victim of severe abuses that caused in her a terrible effect, forcing her to kill in order to survive. 

That changed things. When Daggera discovered her power in the Force she used it hard, painting the slums in blood and turning into a urban beast for years, until she was unevitably discovered by imperail agents  and taken to Korriban to become Sith. Little did they know they were training a psychopath excesively aggresive and lacking any kind of feeling, other than the hatred she learnt to develope during her infancy which the Sith taught her to dominate and use. 

Daggera is a walking weapon that doesn’t go unnoticed for the oportunistic Sith. Because of that, Inquisitor Zeldorr «adopted» her to teach the subtleties of assasination, Sith consipiration, to control her rage and use her intelligence, and, above all that, to not let anyone to use her besides Zeldorr himself…. 

Character References: 

For the Sith Warrior I wanted to created an acrobatic, exotic and dangerous Twi’lek much as Darth Talon from the Legacy comic book series. But I didn’t wanted her to be the usual Sith, the idea of a psycopathic Sith looked to me very interesting. She follows the Sith because is the only way for her to feed her urge to kill, she is not attached to the ideology.  For the name, I first wanted her to be called Roja (Red from Spanish, my mother language), because of her skin colour, as she was supossed to be known from her entire life; not as a person. Regretably, the name was already in use in the game 🙁 So I came with a weapon name, Dagger, that is her best definition. No dice, so it came the variant Daggera.  Thanks to Massive Online Games.