Escorbuto – The Bounty Hunter

Escorbuto – Bounty Hunter

escorbuto portrait
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Cita: Dangerous jobs are my specialty. I’m in. 

Background: Escorbuto was a slave hardened under severe conditions. He was aquired by a Mandalorian Clan due his endurance and he learned with them all that must to be know about weapons, armor, merc work and mandalorian honor. The Clan was employed by the Sith Empire to reinforce the Mandalorian Blockade and to hunt smugglers. In a fatidic mission, the Clan was wipped out while chasing the skilled smuggler Sfroch

After that, Escorbuto took what he could and fled to Hutt Space, where he started to build his path as bodyguard, thug and later with already some reputation, bonty hunter. Escorbuto respects the Mandalorians, but he is too much an independent entity.  He thinks profesionality is the only way  to climb in his job, and fulfilling the contract no matter the counter offers that may arise. Despite enjoying the challenges and violence of his job, he is not a loose trigger. He only kills when the contract demmands it; compasion and rage are not part of his personality….

Character References: I didn’t need much to build Escorbuto. He is a version of Boba Fett, mysterious, silent, profesional. For his name, it means Scurvy translated from Spanish, my mother tongue. That cames from the video game Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, where in a cemetery we find a tombstone to one Fester Leach where it can be read the great pharse: «Kiss me. I got scurvy.» Well, that’s it. A tribute. escorbuto badge escorbuto body

Statistics: Class: Bounty Hunter

Advanced Class: Powertech

Specialty: Pyrotech (damage)

Vehicles:  D-5 Mantis

Companions: Mako

Gault Rennow

Torian Cadera