Sfroch – The Smuggler

Sfroch – Smuggler

sfroch portrait
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Cita: It’s hard to be humble, knowing how great I am. 

Sfroch was born as an orphan in some shipyards were he learnt what must be known about space ships.  After a pirate raid the shipyards were destroyed and young Sfroch was taken on board the pirate crusier, destined to be sold as slave merchandise. But thanks to his knowledge and skills, he was put to work in the ship and, after being forced to be part of the crew, he began to meet the characters and locations of the underworld in several sectors of the Galaxy. He ultimately joined a mutiny of which he took advantage to slip off and to start his career as smuggler after stealing one of the no identified freighters the pirates were using to sail undetected.

He then started to build his reputation, find a crew to work with, being a higly useful element for desperated populations, greedy Hutts, imperial conspirators, rebel colonies… Any money was good money, and it came and went with haste. Sfroch enjoyed the life of action, quick money and lovely women en every system.

After many smuggling runs andtaking advantage of the situation after the Truce between the Republic and the Empire, his space ship was detected in Imperial Space where an oportunistic Mandalorian Clan chased him. Sfroch managed to get rid of the mercs, but at the cost of his ship being nearly destroyed, losing the whole crew and his right eye. Being used to win and lose fortunes quicky, he did not break down and continued his work solo, this time his territory of action being limited to Republic and Hutt sectors.

But little does Sfroch knows that in one of his romantic runs between systems, a Mirialan child was born….

Character References: 

Sfroch is probably the character whom I better identify myself with, a more scummy version of Han Solo, a smuggler on my own way. He could be what Solo was before the events of the saga. He is also the origen of the Nezi Legacy, the first character deployed and the first one to step the new worlds in the game. As for the name, it’s a tribute to the main character of one of the tales of the absurd I’m elaborating, The True Story of the Bivalve Mouflon. All said, I didn’t take the game very seriously at the first time, so I didn’t work hard in naming him.  😛