Taisden – The Republic Trooper

Taisden – Republic Trooper

taisden portrait
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Taisden, older brother of Wandasprapras, was born as human and followed the steps of his uncle, a local system Colonel, to get a promising militar career defending his planet. However, after an invasion nin his sector he decided that defending his home wasn’t enough so he decided to join the Republic Army, in which he strongly beliveves.

His nature may be naive, and he truly believes in homeland and duty values. That left himself open to manipulations to be sent into combat as cannon fodder. But he resulted to be smarter than he looked and acchieved unprecedent successes. Thanks to his intelligence and to his noble education he learnt to know his enemies and enviroment surprisingly fast. That allowed him to advance among the competitive ranks of the Republic Army, puting himself in a short list of candidates for the elite squadrons….

Character References: 

I feel lazy when it comes to play Taisden, mainly because I’m an idiot and I don’t like his personality very much the way I built it. But that is roleplaying, right? You have to play it, you like him or not. But afterwards I alway enjoy playing him a lot, his story line is quite good and he is one of the characters I progress faster in the game. About the name, it’s a direct reference to one of the engineers that appears in the Black Fleet Crisis book trilogy, written by Michael P. Kube-McDowell. It’s a very very minor character, but I always liked the name and that trilogy.

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