Zimnik – The Imperial Agent

Zimnik –  Imperial Agent

zimnik portrait
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Zimnik was born and raised in the remote Chiss Space, and like a good patriot she soon started her studies and formation to serve in the eficient and very unkwown security and spionage of the Chiss Ascendency.

But Zimnik looked beyond the Chiss homeworld, she admired the eficiency of the Empire, it’s impressive organization, talent, power and ther order that it establishes over it’s worlds. The alliance between the Chiss Ascendency with the Empire and her own merits allowed her to enter into the service of Imperial Intelligence, despite the mistrust of her own comrades and other imperial subordinates. Zimnik took a great number of undercover missions, most of them succesfully thanks to her cold intelligence, speed and reaction skills. However, her job has removed almost all empathy in her person, a necessary evil for her duties. To her, the world is the Empire, but she thinks it’s being dragged by the Sith, who she considers to be ineficient and dangerous fanatics that drive the Empire to caotic and unnecesary dangers and crisis. Because of this, Zimnik cannot help to show her contempt towards the Sith ranks, which puts both her career and the Agency in the frightening scope of the Dark Council….

Character References: 

As I told about the Nezi Legacy, Zimnik comes back from 1994/5, when I drew an unifinished sci-fy comic and used that name for a character which I identified with. Since then it has been used to name other avatars in several video games, like X-Wing, etc. Zimnik  as the Chiss woman was created for a mod that never came to light for KotOR, which tried to bring to light some cut content (planet Slheyron). there Zimnik was the leader of a Smuggler Ring at a galactic escale. The incarnation of the Imperial Agent Zimnik  is an exact copy as I envisioned her back in 2008/9.